“The gay corpse bride of Janet Reno,” as one of my tart-tongued friends at Y.A.F. calls her.


Left wing radical Janet Napolitano cries wolf about right wing radicals. As the local yokels say here in California: “Umm… Whut?”  Oh yes, that’s credible. The Orwellian part: DHS will be snooping “over the next several months” into “rightwing extremist activity” — i.e. exercise of 1st, 2nd and 10th Amendment freedoms by anyone to the right of the ultra-left Obama claque — surely 95% of the citizenry (can’t vouch for illegal aliens like Obama’s aunt).

It seems the unibrowed Madame Sappho has really put her big, sensibly-shod foot right in the middle of it this time: the American Legion demands the old bawd take back her slur on the Republic’s returning veterans. How about ritual suicide too? So what if veterans, or any citizen, are prepared to take up arms to save American liberties? Yes, just think of the bad company they’d be in: Washington, Jefferson, young Andrew Jackson.

And now today we learn that the old bag stands by her slur.  Mme Stalin and the NKVD speak: “DHS will continue to… prevent and protect against the potential threat to the United States associated with any rise in violent extremist activity.” Madam, it is YOU, and your non-patriotic president, who are the threat to the United States, actual not potential; your mouth’s writing checks your party can’t cash. “Violent extremist activity”? Your career up to this very day and hour.


“Once more unto the breach, dear friends…”


(Eunuch-upon-Nees, England) Ruddy-cheeked soldier and open heterosexual Prince Harry was haled before the Ministry of Muslim Appeasement in London today, amid explosive charges he described throat-slitting, female fingernail-extracting foes who wear rags on their heads as “ragheads” and abbreviated the word “Pakistani” to “Paki.”  The boisterous namesake of Shakespeare’s Prince Hal will be sent to Clockwork Orange Diversity Training Centre for castration.

“This handsome prince has scandalized droopy-dick xenophiles and their sexless wives across the Atlantic world by refusing to hate himself as we do,” said Sir Orwell Pussy-Foote, Minister for Muslim Appeasement. “Army diversity training CLEARLY stipulates that one invite illegal combatants to tea and cakes and ices before slapping them with a fan and blushing ‘Tut, tut sir!’ Though if he ever knocked me down in a dark alley and yelled ‘Once more unto the breach’ I’d gladly grab ankle and present him mine — breech, I mean.”