Whole Foods a vast right-wing conspiracy; hippie derelicts furious.

August 25, 2009


This is so creamy and rich, rightists, you’ll eat it up with a spoon! Mind you don’t choke as you chortle with glee, as I almost did:

Urban America’s favorite big-box store, which draws hippie liberal douches as a stockyard flies, announced publicly against collectivized medical care recently. In the Wall Street Journal! Instantly, the Gerald and Helen Goodes of the world, every grey ponytail, snotty pouf and ugly introvert girl for miles around, drenched his/her pants in pixillated pique.  Says ABC News:

The op-ed piece, which begins with a Margaret Thatcher quote [sic], “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money,” has left some Whole Foods loyalists enraged. Many say Mackey was out of line to opine against the liberal base that has made his fortune possible.

So poignant — where now, I ask, will Berkeley smellies and Manhattan smuggies pay ten dollars for a wormy tomato? Obamatard fighting Obamatard: the double grief.


Angry at Whole Foods: local Obama voter and wealthy slumlord Herman Adelstein, shown here at his fortieth Berkeley reunion.

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