White “racist” compares Michelle Obama to gorilla, insults gorillas.

June 18, 2009

I vigorously dispute Rusty DePass: In no way does the First Dragqueen resemble an ape!  On the contrary — she’s a garden-variety butt-ugly human being.


Ah secular lefties, always good for a laugh; you never ululate louder than when somebody like Rusty DePass dares apply one of YOUR dogmas. Isn’t it an article of your childlike Darwinist faith — touchingly unshakable when confronted with the total absence of transitional species in the fossil record — that all humans descend from apes? Then why is it insulting to joke a gorilla is Miss Hell’s ancestor? DePass is only practicing what you preach — and you strain at this gnat but swallow Barack Obama camels like “white folks’ greed runs a world in need.”

There are however other perfectly good reasons for the thoughtful theist to bristle at Mr DePass’ little Darwinist home truth, or falsity I should say.  His controversial metaphor not only degrades human beings, created in the image and likeness of the Divine Being, but simians too.  How dare he compare this rangy transvestite, with that face that could stop a clock, to one of the great apes?  What have gorillas ever done to merit comparison to Miss Hell — angry chest-thumping and enraged shit-flinging during the rut aside, that is?

I mean, really!  No gorilla I’VE ever met is a race baiter, affirmative-actioned into Princeton but still seething with anti-white resentments — though she seems happy to spend quite a lot of white taxpayer money on her full-time make-up lackey (I do concede that, being a six-foot man, Miss Hell requires a great deal of paint to pass as even an ugly woman).  No gorilla I’VE ever met pretends teenaged sluts and their petty-thieving babydaddies enjoy a Constitutional right to taxpayer-funded uterine infanticide — ideally, per the lesbian feminist witches who cackle and chant round the sacrificial chair, via skull puncture and suction of the unborn but quite sentient child’s brain (partial-birth abortion, for those unfamiliar with the procedure’s stomach-turning cruelty).  Nor has any gorilla I’ve ever known had the temerity to vest itself in a purple rayon housedress from Sears and go clumping into the Capitol of the United States swollen with pride like some great bourgeois grape — for having achieved what?


For all of these reasons then, I request, no, I DEMAND that Rusty DePass and everyone else who dares exercise First Amendment freedoms in private (the dirty bastards!) publicly apologize for comparing Miss Hell Obomber to a gorilla.  And then perhaps in time — just perhaps — the gorillas will forgive them.


8 Responses to “White “racist” compares Michelle Obama to gorilla, insults gorillas.”

  1. Lisa said

    Let the hate go and move on, buddy.

    She’s hot, you’re not.

    She’s smart and successful (and not because of affirmative action – that would be Jonah Goldberg, toots).

    See ya loser.

    • Anita Farmer said

      Jews don’t benefit from affirmative action, you simple cunt — they pass for white, at least in the United States. I’ll hate whom I please, so keep your proletarian advice to your ugly, introvert self. By the way, if you intend to comment on a Yale graduate’s blog, be sure to check your teenybopper vulgarisms (”see ya” etc.) at the door. Fuck you very much for stopping by.

  2. nobodylikesamorbidbastard said

    Is this what you do with your spare time? Is it your day job? Do you have a life? Yale graduate? Your quite dumb but I suppose that cannot be helped but freedom of speech I suppose. Its just quite sad that you’d devote so much time to someone you hate so much… get over it.

    • Anita Farmer said

      “Your quite dumb.” Oh yes — your spelling, I quote directly. “Your quite dumb.” Can you possibly, by any chance, just maybe, mean to spell “You’re quite dumb,” as in the contracted form of “you are”?

      People who live in glass houses, you’ll observe (or should I write “yull” so you’ll understand what I wrote), shouldn’t throw stones.

      Delighted the post pissed you off, and do stop by again when you’ve mastered first-grade English spelling. Idiot.

      • nobodylikesamorbidbastard said

        Hilarious, considering you speak Americanised English…not real British English…

        Very little content to your post disregarding my typo…Can’t see where I said that you pissed me off though. You seem to be a very bitter and odd person!

  3. Gerrie Attrick said

    I take less than no interest in some scrawny daft tart’s opinion about whether I am “bitter and odd.” Opinions, lefty, are like assholes — everyone has one, but nobody wants to hear you yammering about yours. Indeed, the least tincture of approval or praise from someone of your caliber would bring me deepest shame. And supposing you DO affect to speak the Queen’s English, dear — you still have to spell it correctly. Stupidity’s stupidity, whatever accent it affects.

  4. Ray said

    “Your quite dumb”. You just can’t make shit like that up.

    • Gerrie Attrick said

      No indeed, sir — she’s a real window-licker, this one. I almost feel bad replying to their hopeless little screeds — it’s kind of like swatting a fly with a Buick.

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