Snark alert: Laura Ingraham rips McAmnesty’s bovine daughter a new one.

March 16, 2009

The hunter:


And the hunted (it’s almost sad — like swatting a fly with a Buick):


Warning to Meghan McCain and other slow-witted RINOs: do NOT make eye contact with, do NOT challenge tall, thin women who will leap on you like a panther and bite your head off while you’re still chewing your cud.

Meghan, Meghan. (Could her name, like, possibly have been anything else?) Just stick to the suburban trollop’s feasible pastimes: facelifts, reality TV, and birth-controlled fornicating. You are NOT in Laura Ingraham’s league, let alone Ann Coulter’s. Either can think rings around your ponderous ass, before you’ve even put the potato chips down.


2 Responses to “Snark alert: Laura Ingraham rips McAmnesty’s bovine daughter a new one.”

  1. J.T. said

    Ann Coulter and Laura Ingrham are both worthless pieces of shit. First off, I guarantee you Anne Coulter uses birth control, or that tramp would have too many kids to count. Secondly, you can call her a RINO, but unless the Republican party takes a moderate or libertarian direction (as Meghan McCain said, staying out of people’s personal lives and not just finances), then it is done. So people like you need to shut up before you help the Democrats get even closer to a one party state. Your neocon ilk has completely betrayed the Republican party and what being conservative means. And finally, Meghan McCain is soooooo much hotter than either of those too. I would only bang Ann Coulter for the purposes of degrading her. Meghan McCain has nice junk in the trunk like a real women. She is fine.

    • Anita Farmer said

      What I now do, I do for Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and all other articulate, aggressive conservative women.

      We at Savage Indignation would like to congratulate you on being such a witty, debonair ladies’ man, a regular Cary Grant: “junk in the trunk like a real women” (sic) and “bang [her] for the purposes of degrading her.” While it’s true your “banging” any woman, including Ann, would doubtless degrade her, you can relax, little ChapStick; no one doubts your four erect inches of angry red virility here.

      In any case, Ann Coulter is more woman than you’ve ever had and more man than you’ll ever be, and if you dared sharpen your dog’s tongue to her face (not that mouth-breathers like yourself really move in such rarefied circles), I have no doubt she’d pistol-whip you to the ground and sodomize you on the spot like the shrill, yapping Chihuahua of a manchild you are.

      Please don’t misunderstand; no one objects to your foulness, only to your ham-fisted diction and apparent trouble with grade-school grammar. (Your oafish “like a real women” and “hotter than either of those too” are the marks of a first-rate intellect, and your solecism in “bang her for the purposes of degrading her” makes you sound like an especially dull-witted cop trying to impress beyond his abilities when interviewed on the ten o’clock news.)

      I don’t know where your house trailer is physically located, but if you lived in southern California we’d guess you’re an ATV-riding, beer can from the window-tossing yobbo from Lancaster or Moreno Valley, doubtless a girlfriend-beater (not “wife-” because those of your class almost never marry their tarts before carrying them over the threshold of the trailer).

      Thank you, also, for suggesting the astounding image of your mounting Meghan McCain’s great white behind, like the proverbial ant buggering the elephant with a thorn in its foot; when the elephant winces at the thorn and cries “Ow!” you, elated at what you suppose your antish prowess, snarl “Take it all, bitch!”

      I don’t think I’ll throw any more pearls before swine, but I’d suggest, before you next comment on a literate person’s blog, that you get your terms straight, simpleton: “neoconservative” is precisely what social-issues, Christian conservative Republicans are not. Once you’ve mastered literacy, you’ll want a dictionary.

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