Home-grown Islamists, protected by Brit police, blacken troops’ homecoming.

March 12, 2009

It seems straightforward enough: death for the ringleaders, expulsion for the rank and file.


No, mean old conservatives couldn’t make this stuff up, even if we tried: naturally Jalal Ahmed, one of the Pakistani brutes allowed by the Labour government to insult homecoming troops with impunity, is a baggage handler at an airport, and was found with pictures of airliners in his possession. But of course he and his little band of throat-slitters (note the wannabe-bad black getups they’re wearing) are still walking the streets free.

Why? When the state abdicates its most basic function — preserving the people who framed it — I fail to see there’s any duty to obey its laws, at least those that harm the interests of native Britons by protecting the dangerous Islamists who hate those native Britons — and will always hate them if they squat on British soil for a thousand years, surly taking the dole with one hand and giving Britain the finger (or rather the shoe bomb) with the other. And it doesn’t matter a tinker’s damn what the Pakistanis’ passports say — a hostile alien will never be British, or any other nationality, just ’cause some cynical Labour legislator confers citizenship, the franchise, and transfer benefits on him.

Britons, defend yourselves if your government won’t!  Counterprogramming in the form of the Watford parade is a heartening start, but a cancer in the body politic requires drastic excision; strengthening exercises won’t cut it.  If ten thousand in Luton, and ten thousand in Bradford, and ten thousand in every major city in Britain take the matter of treasonable Islamists into your own hands, what precisely do Gordo Brown and the Labour government propose to do about it?  There aren’t jails enough to hold you — and how many of your own people, who staff the police and the military anyway, will put their lives on the line for Paki jihadis plotting to kill them?  Yes, I thought so.

Most of all, God bless the littlest Britons, of whom it seems there are still more than a few, like this angelic little patriot:


God save the Queen, yes — but loyal subjects of the Crown, you’d better start helping Him, right now.


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