The Islamization of Britain: Dutch nationalist Geert Wilders turned away at Heathrow.

February 21, 2009

Not a self-hater: Dutch nationalist and pro-Western Westerner Geert Wilders.


There are no words for how low Gordo Brown and the Labour party have sunk, refusing Geert Wilders, the Dutch nationalist and vocal anti-Islamist, entry into the U.K. This latest bout of official “multiculturalism” (that is, hatred of the West and its culture) is of course a far cry from the British Left’s xenophile solicitude for firebrand Islamist clerics and domestic Pakistani terrorists, free to wander England and Scotland plotting the murder or forced conversion of the native Britons — and indeed loudly to demand sharia and other exemptions from the minima of acculturation, cheered on by useful idiots like His Disgrace the Right Rev. Rowan Williams, schismatic (at best) Archbishop of Canterbury and Quisling to the culture.

Wilders’ own appraisal: Her Majesty’s Government are “the biggest bunch of cowards in Europe” and “more Chamberlain than Churchill” — but at least Chamberlain, unlike Churchill, feared the suicide of the West enough to try at Munich to prevent (alas in vain) the second great European civil war.

As in the Left-governed United States, the British nation have been deserted and even attacked by their government; the xenophile state, to use Brecht’s phrase, has elected a new people. How much longer will they obey their elites, when their elites instruct them gradually to disappear?


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