January 27, 2009

It’s official:


Dear patriots: Hold the fort, help is on the way.

Dear Andrew Sullivan, hairless misogyne, dilettante scribbler, and all who lap your poisoned effluvia: Drop dead.  Love, Sarah.


2 Responses to “Announcing!”

  1. Mike said

    It’s Sarah, and most of her followers, that I’m looking forward to dropping dead.

    • Gerrie Attrick said

      My, but you’re funny — a regular Swift or Pope! How many hours did you spend anxiously, expectantly squeezing out your tiny, hard pellet of wit? Did it break the porcelain when it finally dropped?

      We at Savage Indignation think it’s awfully brave of you, little man, to wave your four angry inches of erect red virility in Gov. Palin’s direction. But then, a happy warrior whose biography sells 1.5 million copies is too rich, too powerful and too important to bother castrating hairless little misogynes like Andrew Sullivan and yourself. Come to think of it so am I. Fuck off now, please, and stick to something you know — crystal meth-abusing ‘roid-raging multiple-penetration barebacking, I expect, like the rest of your AIDS-sponge tribe.

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