Oakland rioters, protesting a black man’s shooting, terrorize other black people.

January 9, 2009

This one, alas, is for real.


(Oakland, CA) Leemu Topka, owner of Creative African Braids, flees her smashed shop carrying her infant child last night. Topka’s shop was attacked by a mob burning and vandalizing through downtown Oakland to “protest” the shooting by BART police of a man arrested for public brawling on the transit system. No legal process has determined the facts and circumstances of the shooting, but luckily the weak rule of law in the arsie-varsie Bay lets casual vandals and resentful grad students take crowbars into their own hands and summarily punish the innocent.

To delishen the irony, Oakland mayor Ron Dellums, appealing for order to the baying mob, is a sometime member of the “Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee” and spent the 80s as a Castroite fifth columnist in Congress — yet this tender Red conscience sleeps well knowing Dellums’ lobbying firm shills for drug multinational Bristol-Myers Squibb and Rolls Royce, maker of military aircraft engines and, er, cars for the very rich. Just another day in the Bay, barbarous Anus Mundi.


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