Legal JFK offspring to replace Hillary Rod’em in Senate?

January 2, 2009

A mind is a terrible thing not to have.


(Innbread, NY) Brittle rhinoplaster and empty pantsuit Princess Caroline Kennedy, 78, is the rumored front-runner for the Senate seat Hillary Rod ‘Em recently vacated, for which the seat squeaks a relieved thanks. Eight years’ squashing under a very full pantsuit was no picnic, the seat confides; more thighs than a bucket of KFC, and tucked or no that penis bulged.

Leading Dhimmicrats say the leggy equestrienne (face not pastime), daughter of serial adulterer J.F. Kennedy and granddaughter of anti-Semite rum runner J.P. Kennedy, is well-qualified to sit in the world’s greatest deliberative body. “She’ll fit right in with grave statesmen like Pigfucker Franken (D-MN) and menopausal hags like Patty Murray (D-WA)” said Martina Scriblerus, former Michel Foucault Chair and Professor of Interdisciplinary Kulchural Studies at U.C. Berkeley. “Last week she made a very clever log house from popsicle sticks in her group home art class, and she’s stopped picking her nose except when tired.”


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