Marriage and family life now sacred in Britain, too.

December 6, 2008

A Rolling Stone gathers no moss — but some covering for the cracks would be decent.


From chilly London comes this heartwarming tale of a cadaver and a youthful Russian prostitute with a heart of gold(digger). Together at last — lust will find a way! We bien-pensants may not have got sodomy and cunnilingus declared a sacrament in California last month, but at least in Britain the silly old taboo on necrophilia is weakening, and not a moment too soon! Did you know surveys show 69% of Britons still cling to an outmoded patriarchalist disciplinary whereby a rich old man can face bigotry and even discrimination, just ’cause he dumps wife and children to buy an impoverished teenager a third his age? (Wood, 61, drowned in his own vomit in a heroin overdose last year but thankfully has been mummified in gin since 1968 and so survived.) That figure drops to 3% for British citizens of Pakistani descent, so three cheers once again for the Muslim colonization of England; I’m sure the honor killings and bomb plots will stop any day now. — Martinus Scriblerus, guest poster

[Ed. note: Scriblerus’ views do not necessarily represent those of your candid blogging servant, Sue Denham.]


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