Meeyatt Deeaymon: “Sarah Palin’s like, uh, dumb or something.”

October 9, 2008


Matt Damon, voted Most Likely to Be Seen with a Booger Hanging from His Nose in high school, snuffles through some monosyllables about Gov. Palin — interspersed with his Team America scenes! Okay, all together now, in your best adenoidal twang: “Meeyatt Deeaymon!”

Nicely captures the mental masturbatory quality of Hollywood lefties — this somnolent tool would have to fall down a well to have a deep thought.  And even then probably not.

Anyway, the perky, million-watt-smile Gov. Palin drew 60,000 people to a rally in Florida recently, which is thousands more than saw Meeyatt Deeaymon’s last movie, which was… which was… That’s funny (unlike Meeyatt Deeaymon).  I can’t recall.  I’m sure that whatever it was, it must have been good.  For insomnia.  And for the mildly retarded and their minders, out for a morning’s airing from the group home.

With thanks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the big assist from Team America: World Police (2004):


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