Gavin Newsom, Führer: Tyranny wears Brylcreem (and Sears suits).

October 9, 2008

Gabbling Nuisance.

Homosexual marriage “whether you like it or not” — a wolf of dictatorship in rights-talk clothing:

The now-infamous diktat by Brylcreemed adulterer and San Fran mayor Gabbling Nuisance — that the California electorate’s going to have homosexual “marriage” imposed on us whether we like it or not — is now in rotation in Yes on 8 ads all over California. After just one week the ads have jumped Prop. 8 to a 47%-42% lead among likely voters:

The only door that’s wide open now, Gabbling, is your flatulent orifice, its every effluvium lapped up by your dim-bulb acolytes in San Fran. Your flapping jaw, I mean. Best seal it tightly. Try more Brylcreem – quite viscous, and very fetching with your Sears suit and tie.

Memo to Gabbling Nuisance and B. H. “Bitter Clingers” Obama: When preaching to the choir in San Fran, make sure the TV cameras and microphones are off. Outside the echo chamber enclosed by the Golden Gate and the Berkeley Hills, California reserves to the people the right to legislate. You can’t have our rights, Gabbling – we’re still using them.

For more information and to donate — if you live outside California, please give money to stop homosexual “marriage” here before it comes to your state — here’s the Yes on 8 campaign website:

And finally another Yes on 8 ad, warning that in Massachusetts (where the court diktat imposing homosexual “marriage” wasn’t overturned) parents now have no right to object when public schools teach second graders that gay “marriage” is normal (and they do).  As you can imagine, the ad’s getting lots of extra mileage out of Gabbling’s gaffe — seems his confident strides through the cow pasture haven’t played so well with Californians who (silly old dears!) quaintly imagined it was our call whether there’s a “right” to committed sodogamy in the state constitution:


4 Responses to “Gavin Newsom, Führer: Tyranny wears Brylcreem (and Sears suits).”

  1. Slow down. You’re just ranting impotently.

  2. equeslibertatis said

    When I want advice on my blog from a reptilian-looking proponent of doctor-assisted infanticide (as a moment’s glance at your filth suggests you are) I shall ask for it. In the meantime, my doctor friend suggests you see a doctor about your jaundice (if you can get one to see you before next year in Britain’s socialized vet clinics). Or did you just bathe in grease and then roll in a trough of curry powder?

  3. Fascinating. Do you have a script for this or do you have to bang the keyboard to produce this drivel?

  4. equeslibertatis said

    Aha — I have it now! You’re a gigantic Stercus loquens, shat by a Bengal tiger who forgot to kick sand over you when he’d finished squatting. Hurrah, Darwinian dogma proved at last — here’s inanimate matter that’s become, for no reason, a discursive, erect-walking biped.

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