Obama: Speak softly and carry a mangled metaphor

October 8, 2008

Affirmative action = unqualified.

At 30 seconds into clip:

O: “Now Sen. McCain suggests that somehow, ya know, I’m green behind the ears, ’n’ I’s just spoutin’ off, ’n’ he’s somber and responsible…”

McC: “Thank you very much!”

Ipse dixit. Out of the mouths of babes in the woods. Obambi IS green, and wet behind the ears too. The One’s Freudian slip is forever showing in the debates, and he needs to launder it.

“Green behind the ears” eh? There’s no greater menace – and bore – than an educated fool.

Perhaps if Sen. Infanticide spent time listening to rural Americans instead of slandering our “clinging” to the First and Second Amendments, he’d pick up the lingo and not sound like an effete snob in class drag.  Which he is. Somebody crack an egg on the Marxist’s pointy head!

P.S.: You can over-pronounce “PAW-KEE-STUN” like a smeary-spectacled high school debater till you’re blue in the face (not green behind the ears) – the Pakistanis will still despise you for a weakling.


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