Palin Rips Obama for Slandering the Troops

October 4, 2008

The would-be commander-in-chief, not content with trying to cut off funds to the troops while they’re under fire, slanders the men and women he proposes to lead in Afghanistan as “air-raiding villages and killing civilians.”

You lie, sir. Prove it, or shut your mouth and be damned.

Kudos to Gov. Palin for calling him on it in the debate, and again today on Fox:

— and huzzahs to McCain for letting this and other hot-buttons slide. If Obama gets away with playing a centrist on TV it’ll be Mac’s fault, not Palin’s — only five weeks on the national stage and the guts to punch well above her weight.

It’s all very well, swing voter friends, to consider O. because you think he’ll be better for the economy — but consider, please, that when he demoralizes and guts the military the absence of national security will guarantee there IS no economy, good bad or indifferent. Remember the economy on Sept. 12, 2001 and weeks after? If no, please ask me; your faithful servant lived in Manhattan and remembers all too well.


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